CD Burning - General Questions

Q: When I try to burn I get an error which says "disc burning is not supported."

A: This is most likely a software/driver conflict. Quit all applications and then try burning a CD using the provided Toast Lite software. If it burns successfully, you know that the drive is ok and you are missing the proper driver configuration. Consult our list of drivers for your particular unit and make sure you have the current OS.

Q: I just downloaded iTunes 4 but cannot burn

A: iTunes 4 has System requirements for burning. Please make sure you have the most recent OSX update and consult our list of drivers for your particular unit.

Q: Toast says "buffer underrun error" and then spits out the disc

A: You will get an underrun error if your Mac can not keep up with the chosen burn speed. This can be caused by insufficient memory or machine speed. Either choose a slower burn speed or turn buffer underrun protection "on" in the Toast burning window.

Q: My superdrive burner spits out my blank DVD-R's and gives error message "please insert a recordable disc"

A: Make sure you are using DVD-R media. The drive will not work with DVD+R discs.

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