The MCE QuickStream DV is compatible with all consumer and professional DV camcorders made which display the MiniDV, DVCAM, or DVCPRO logo... including the most popular DV camcorders by Canon, Panasonic, Sony, and JVC. While the vast majority of these DV camcorders are compatible with the QuickStream DV in their default settings, some have special DV settings which must first be set appropriately in order to attain proper communication between the DV camcorder and the QuickStream DV. In this section you'll find advice and tips on how to setup certain DV camcorders for use with the QuickStream DV.

We'll also show you, in this section, how to properly refresh and bring the QuickStream DV back to its original factory condition. This may be necessary from time to time during usage since capturing DV is a highly data-intensive task and disk fragmentation, among other conditions, may occur which can adversely affect even the most robust disk drive systems.

Refresh your QuickStream DV in Windows

Follow these instructions to refresh your QuickStream DV in Windows 2000 and XP.
1. Download the QSDV Utility Installer for Windows here.
2. Unzip it to your hard drive, then run the installer.
3. Once finished you will need to unzip and drop the second file, which you can download here, "SearchKeys.txt.encrypted" into the folder that the installer created. (The one that the actual Utility application resides in... this allows the utility to work with the QuickStream DV). Now double-click the Utility app.
4. Select Hard Disk Setup. (A QuickStream DV must be attached to the system via FireWire port and powered on for the program to run)
5. When the program asks if you want to create a DV Disk, select "Yes".
6. Then select the disk that you wish to initialize and push the "Create DV Disk" button.
7. When finished a DV disk is created with the Movie and Media folder already in place. You can rename the disk to QSDVDISK if you'd like. Unplug and start capturing!

Refresh your QuickStream DV in Mac OS X

Follow these instructions to refresh your QuickStream DV in the Mac OS. You must be running Mac OS 10.3.4 (Panther) or later.
1. Connect the QuickStream DV to your Mac's FireWire port and power it on.
2. Run "Disk Utility" (Found in the "Utilities" folder in your "Applications" folder)
3. Select the "MCE Technologies" Disk in the list to the left.
4. Select the "Erase" tab.
5. For "Volume Format" select "MS-DOS File System"
6. Name the drive "QSDVDISK" or any name 8 characters or less.
7. De-select the "Install Mac OS 9 Disk Driver" checkbox.
8. Click the "Erase" button.
9. When finished, the newly initialized drive will mount to your desktop.
10. Download this Movie.sit or file, unstuff it, and drop the resulting folder titled "Movie" onto the QuickStream DV icon.
11. You are finished... start capturing!


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