Function dictates form... The QuickStream DV was designed entirely from the ground up to be the second-most important part of a DV videographer's gear and includes features such as a built-in industry standard 1/4-20" screw socket for easy direct attachment to your DV camcorder, rubber armor for durability, and a wide range of input voltages for tying into your existing power sources, if necessary. None of these features have ever made their way onto conventional storage devices. Read more about these and other features of the QuickStream DV here...

Instant Review (New for 2nd generation QuickStream DV!)

The most requested feature by videographers using the original QuickStream DV was to have the ability to immediately view what was recorded by the QuickStream DV. Introducing the "Review" button. Capture your clips, switch your DV camcorder to VCR/VTR mode, then touch the "Review" button and instantly the last full clip recorded is played back via FireWire from the QuickStream DV directly to your camera's LCD or monitor. Instant Review... Instant peace of mind.

SureCapture Technology (Also new for 2nd generation QuickStream DV)

In those situations where timing is critical, the QuickStream DV will make sure you get the shot you are after. The 2nd generation QuickStream DV has new solid state video buffers continuously recording up to six second's worth of DV footage from your DV camera while in "Standby Mode". When the "Record" button is pressed on your DV camera or QuickStream DV, this "pre-scene" footage is appended to the front of, and becomes part of, the recorded clip.

MCE StreamManager Software

MCE StreamManager software for MacOS and Windows instantly lists all the clips recorded by the QuickStream DV, along with their durations, time/date stamp, and size. MCE StreamManager allows you to preview, sort, rename, delete, copy or move those clips as needed prior to using them with your video-editing software. In addition, MCE StreamManager allows you to instantly see the amount of recording time remaining on the QuickStream DV.

Record through Tape End

Another feature requested by 1st Generation QuickStream DV videographers was to be able to record continuously with the QuickStream DV through DV-tape changes. So for those extra long recording sessions or at any point your tape runs out, the QuickStream DV will continue to record... even allowing you to change tapes, if you wish, and not miss a single moment of footage. This is a selectable function and your QuickStream DV can also be set to stop recording if End of Tape is detected.

Multiple Power Possibilities

The QuickStream DV was designed to accommodate a wide range of input voltages in order to tie into the myriad of power options available to videographers today. Accepting any voltage between 6 to 18V DC, the QuickStream DV can utilize just about any power source on the market for recording or to recharge its internal Lithium-Ion polymer battery. A slim, lightweight battery pack augmenting the QuickStream DV's internal 90 minute battery by 3.5 hours is also available and attaches directly to the QuickStream.

Support for Multiple-File Formats

The QuickStream DV allows you select one of four file formats in which to record. The formats include QuickTime (.mov), AVI-2 (.avi), Canopus AVI-2 (.avi) and raw DV (.dv). When you are through shooting and have connected the QuickStream DV to your workstation your captured footage is recognized natively by your editing software as its preferred format so that you can start editing your video clips immediately!.

Future Support

As new or different file formats become popular, or DV camcorders made with different support requirements, or as we add new functionality or features according to customer requests, the firmware inside the QuickStream DV can be upgraded by the end-user. The QuickStream DV was designed with the future in mind.

1/4-20 Attachment Interface

Hot Shoe Adapter

The QuickStream DV was created to be small and lightweight so that it may be comfortably placed virtually anywhere on the DV videographer's camcorder, belt, tripod, etc. How did we give it such a versatile attachment system yet keep the design simple and completely functional? Easy. We gave it a universally accepted 1/4-20 screw-socket... The very same screw-socket that is found on the bottom of virtually every still and video camera ever made. This means that there are nearly an endless amount of mounting adapters already in existence that you can now use with the QuickStream DV. And included with the QuickStream DV is an on-camera hot shoe adapter (shown here) for mounting the QuickStream DV directly to your camera's accessory/hot shoe. A belt-clip adapter is also included if this location is more convenient for you. The QuickStream DV does not simply complement your existing DV camera equipment, it integrates into and becomes a part of it.

High Performance Portable FireWire Hard Drive

When connected to a FireWire port on your PC or Mac, the QuickStream DV operates as a normal, high performance FireWire hard drive and your clips are found neatly placed inside a special folder on the drive. You may either organize them with the MCE StreamManager application, drag and drop them to any other storage device on your system, or edit them directly on the QuickStream DV. You can even use the QuickStream DV to save, store or transfer any other data you wish!

Rubberized Outer Armor

The QuickStream DV is encased in a completely protective, shock-absorbant rubber shell. The rubber outer shell is not attached using adhesive or glue, but instead using a special vulcanization process the rubber shell actually bonds to the casing at the molecular level providing the best, most ruggedized protection possible.

Tape or Tapeless

The QuickStream DV responds to the "Record" button on your DV camcorder to start and stop capturing... flawlessly recording to its internal hard drive everything you record to tape... a seperate clip is created on the QuickStream DV each time you hit start and then stop on your DV camcorder. Your tape now becomes a very economic backup to whatever you record to the QuickStream DV. You may also activate the QuickStream DV's recording function using its own "Record" button and completely independent of your DV camcorder's tape mechanism. In addition to being more practical in certain situations, this method saves a great deal of wear and tear on your DV camcorder's recording heads and tape mechanism.

Standalone Capturing

In addition to capturing your DV footage while you are shooting, you can connect the QuickStream DV to your camera in "VTR" mode, or to a DV deck, hit the "Play" button, and instantly capture to the QuickStream DV footage you've previously already recorded... in the field, on the road... no computer required. You'll no longer tie up a whole computer system just to capture DV from tape! The QuickStream DV recognizes the DV stream at its FireWire port and records it to its hard drive. When you are ready to edit, plug the QuickStream DV into your workstation and your footage is instantly ready for editing, display etc.!

Lithium-Ion Powered

The Lithium-Ion polymer battery and power circuitry inside the QuickStream DV were designed to accept the extreme conditions of mobile environments. The AC Adapter port can utilize any voltage from 6 to 18 volts to power the QuickStream DV as well as recharge its battery during those idle or "power-down" moments when there's leftover current. This means that, if needed, it can tie in to camcorder batteries, camcorder power supplies and auto cigarette-lighter adapters. Back at your editing workstation, when you plug the QuickStream DV into a bus-powered FireWire port then, like Apple's iPod, the QuickStream DV will utilize that current, as well, to not only power itself, but also replenish its battery, as needed.


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