MCE Technologies designed the new QuickStream DV/HDV with the ability to have its firmware updated by the end-user. The QuickStream DV/HDV is actually a complete, specialized computer system with CPU, memory, hard drive, and operating system. The firmware inside the QuickStream DV/HDV is part of its operating system code and defines, to a great extent, how the QuickStream DV/HDV operates and functions. By making it upgradeable we are able to add new features, correct any issues with existing or new DV or HDV camcorders, and accommodate new or different file formats based on customer request... without the need to send the unit back to our facilities. Currently the firmware updater is for use on Windows 2000 and XP machines only. A Mac OS X version is in the works and once completed will be available for download.

When a new firmware update is released, it will be posted here. Click here if you would like to be notified via e-mail anytime there is a new firmware update for the QuickStream DV/HDV.


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