The new MCE Auto/Air Combo Adapter for PowerBook G4 and iBook is the perfect travel companion for long working road trips, allowing you to connect your laptop to a regular "cigarette lighter" auto power outlet as well as to any industry standard EmPower airplane outlet.

Let the Road (and Sky) Be Your Office

Take your PowerBook G4 or iBook on that road trip or airline flight to put the finishing touches on your work without wondering if you'll have enough battery power to complete the task. The MCE Auto/Air Combo Adapter accepts any voltage provided by a standard auto or airline power outlet — from 11 to 15 volts — and steps it up to precisely what your Apple laptop needs: 24 volts at up to 3 amps for a maximum of 72 watts of power. So it not only connects you to the power you need to run your laptop, but also to the power you need to simultaneously charge its battery so you can continue to work afterward.

Auto/Air Adapter

It's Quite Adaptable

The MCE Auto/Air Combo adapter is really two adapters in one. Just slide off the fuse-protected auto connector from the end of the adapter and discover the EmPower airline connector underneath, ready to be of service. In either case, a built-in LED lights up to show when you have a live power source.

The Perfect Travel Companion

The last thing you want is for any of your computer gear to overload you when you're traveling! Weighing in at a virtually unnoticeable 5 ounces and measuring just 0.8 x 1.7 x 3.7 inches, you'll need to check twice to make sure it's in your laptop carrying case!



  • Input: 11V - 15V DC
  • Output: 24V DC, 3A Max (72W)
  • Transformer Dimensions: 0.8" x 1.7" x 3.7" (20 x 43 x 94mm)
  • Length: 4.5 ft (1.37m)
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Part No.: TRAV/G4-IB2001
  • Airlines

    Airlines Providing Laptop Power Ports

    The MCE Auto/Air Combo Adapter plugs into the standard cigarette lighter socket found on pretty much every automobile ever made. As for the airlines, we've comprised an ongoing list, shown below, of airlines and their aircraft that provide power ports. If you have new information regarding power port availability aboard specific airlines or aircraft let us know by e-mail and we'll update our list!

    Airline Aircraft Class
    Aer LingusA330-200, A330-300Business
    AeroMexico757-200, 767-200, 767-300All Classes
    Air 2000767-300Business
    Air CanadaA330, A340-500, Select A340, 767-300ERFirst
    Select A319, A320, A321 Business
    Select seats on Select A319, A320, A321 Economy
    Air China747-400Business
    Air Europa767-300First
    767-300ER, 777-200ERBusiness
    Air Europe 767-300ER Business
    Air FranceA330-200 First
    Air Madagascar767-300ERFirst
    Air New ZealandA320Business
    747, 777 Prem Economy
    AirTours International767First
    Alitalia747-200ER, 747-400First
    American727-200, 737-800, 757-200, 757-200, 767-200, 767-200ER, 767-300, 777-200, A300, A300ER, F-100, MD-11, MD-80All Classes
    Australian AirlinesA340, A330Business
    Aviacsa No Info Yet
    British Airways 747-400, 777-200ER, Some 767 First
    Cathay Pacific Entire Fleet All Classes
    Continental 767-200, 767-400, 777-200 First
    767-400 (H) (Rows 10-15), 767 (Rows 16-23), 777 (Rows 17-23) Economy
    Delta 737-800, 757-200, 757-200 SA, 767-300, 767-400, 767ER, 777-232 All Classes
    MD-11 First
    El Al 777-200, 747-400 First
    Mexicana No Info Yet
    United Airlines 767-300, 747-400, 777, Select 757 and A320 First
    All Transcontinental Aircraft All Classes
    US Airways A319, A320, A321, A330 All Classes
    Virgin 747-200, 747-400, A340-300 First Class